This On-Sale Caffeine-Rich Body Scrub Will Make Your Skin “Soft as a Baby,” According to Shoppers

It's great for reviving dull winter skin.

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Caffeine Body Scrub

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When you’re constantly bundled up in layers to stay warm, body care seems like a futile waste of energy. Why should you spend time moisturizing something you won’t see or feel for months? As someone who plays this game every year, let me tell you: Future you will not be happy if present you doesn’t start a body care regimen ahead of the warmer spring weather. Exfoliating is a good way to start building your routine, and I recommend MCaffeine’s Coffee Body Scrub, which is currently 25 percent off on Amazon. 

When I think of coffee in beauty products, my mind goes to tightening-and-brightening eye creams, but studies have shown it has a slew of benefits elsewhere, too. Caffeine increases blood flow, and as a result, visibly reduces cellulite. One study found that chlorogenic acid, which is found in coffee, can be linked to reduced hyperpigmentation and inflammation. 

mCaffeine Coffee Exfoliating Body Scrub


Shop now: $15 (Originally $20);

All of this to say, a coffee-centric body scrub just makes sense — and this one combines the topical benefits of coffee with the physical grit of the grounds and the moisturizing properties of coconut oil. 

Over 11,000 shoppers say MCaffeine’s formula works for “exfoliating [without] irritating skin,” leaves skin “soft as a baby,” and gets rid of and prevents bumps. Several reviewers even claim that they saw an improvement in stretch marks and cellulite, while others praise the Coffee Body Scrub’s moisturizing powers. If you’re particularly sensitive to fragrance, heed caution: Many people describe the coffee scent as long-lasting and strong. 

If you can handle the scent, or actively welcome the smell of coffee, thousands of shoppers say this now $15 Coffee Body Scrub will revive and awaken your skin. 

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