Martha Stewart’s “Long-Time Favorite” Vitamin C Serum Is on Sale

Shoppers say it’s the key to “avoiding wrinkles.”

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Martha Stewart's facialist go-to vitamin c serum is 30% off

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Martha Stewart knows what the people want — and it's more thirst traps and skincare advice. While her facialist, Carmela Barabas, has pointed us towards two Mario Badescu products, the brand’s $18 Super Collagen Mask and its Super Rich Olive Body Lotion, there’s a third that Barabas swears by: Mario Badescu’s Vitamin C Serum. And right now, it’s currently 30 percent off on Amazon. 

The serum is another “long-time favorite of Martha Stewart.” Barbaras says. “It’s a great anti-aging serum that helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and improve the skin's texture,” and that regular use will help you yield “a more radiant complexion.”

Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum for All Skin Types


Shop now: $32 (Originally $45);

The titular vitamin C is, of course, the starring ingredient of this serum, but collagen and sodium hyaluronate play important supporting roles, too. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and anti-aging ingredient with a slew of benefits. It decongests skin for a smoother complexion, fades dark spots and hyperpigmentation that can age your complexion, and makes wrinkles and fine lines less severe. 

Though vitamin C boosts your skin’s collagen production, this Mario Badescu serum is also formulated with collagen which means you’re getting an instant dose of its hydrating, barrier-strengthening, and plumping benefits. And though sodium hyaluronate might sound foreign, it’s simply a derivative of hyaluronic acid that penetrates the skin to give you deeper moisture that is retained longer. 

Besides counting Martha Stewart and her facialist Carmela Barbaras as fans, the Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum has nearly 1,000 five-star ratings on Amazon alone. First, shoppers say this bottle will last you a very long time. Second, many claim that the “results are instant.”  One shopper added that it makes their “skin glow,” and “avoid wrinkles.” 

Another wrote that they use this before they sleep and wake up to “rejuvenated and radiant [skin] in the morning.” They also wrote it made an “immediate” and “noticeable” difference to the wrinkles forming around their eyes. Many people also say that it helps lighten sun and dark spots quickly. 

Between Martha Stewart’s facialist’s endorsement and the glowing reviews from other shoppers, the Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum is a great investment, especially now that it’s discounted by 30 percent. Shop it on Amazon

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