Martha Stewart Shared a Rare Photo of Her Granddaughter at Her Birthday Party

She's not a regular grandma, she's a cool grandma.

Martha Stewart 2016 Tribute Dinner Honoring Jonathan Waxman, Rob Sands, and Richard Sands

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Martha Stewart is passing down her famed hosting skills to the next generation. On Sunday, the cook and businesswoman shared a sweet photo to her Instagram that captured her granddaughter Jude and her friends celebrating her 12th birthday with a spa-themed bash.

In the snap, the five girls are wearing face masks and white robes while showing off their Mario Badescu party favors.

"Five beauties getting even more beautiful ! " Stewart captioned the post. "Jude turned twelve this week and had a SPARTY! Get it??? Japanese food, spa robes #peressofmadisonavenue and beautiful skin care products from @mariobadescu lots of goodies for nails and toes from clients of PR wonder @alisobridmc They had fun. And didnt sleep a wink !!"

Jude was born via surrogate in 2011 to mother Alexis Stewart, Martha's only daughter. Alexis later welcomed son Truman, who also recently celebrated his 11th birthday. Alexis is the daughter of Martha and Andrew Stewart. The two wed in 1961 before splitting in 1987.

In a 2020 interview with People, Martha got candid about the trials and tribulations of raising her daughter. "At the time, Alexis was going to school in Westport, and I was commuting to New York. After I gave up stock-brokering, I started an at-home catering business, which was extremely time-consuming."

"One thing Alexis learned from that was how to cook. She's a phenomenal cook and baker. I tried to involve her in everything, but the minute she could leave home and go to boarding school, she did," she explained. "Our relationship has always been a difficult mother-daughter relationship. Difficult, but she would do anything for me, and I would do anything for her."

Martha Stewart and daughter Alexis Stewart 2010

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And while Stewart is clearly a fabulous grandma who throws lavish and aesthetic spa soirées, she recently told InStyle that she doesn't identify as a coastal grandmother. "I mean, I am a grandmother," she said. "I could never be in those [Nancy Meyers] movies. I work every day! I'm not retired yet, maybe when I retire in 20 years ... maybe."

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