Mark Wahlberg Calvin Klein Ad
Credit: Courtesy Calvin Klein

It seems like just yesterday that Mark Wahlberg made a splash by posing in his tighty whities for those famous Calvin Klein ads from 1992—and was best known as a rapper named Marky Mark. The hunky leading man, who turns 44 today, has traveled a long road to become the Academy Award-nominated actor and accomplished television and film producer that we know him as now.

While we are impressed by his dramatic turns in films such as The Departed and The Fighter (for which he earned his two Oscar nominations), we also highly appreciate his comedic talents, which he has showcased in Date Night, The Other Guys, Ted, and the upcoming Ted 2. And without him, we wouldn't have had Entourage, which he produced and was loosely based on his experiences during his Hollywood career (he makes a memorable cameo in the show's new film, which hit theaters this week).

But even though he seems to have his life together, the doting dad of four (and husband to Rhea Durham) recently opened up about how his children consider him to be less than cool. "It's so funny because I went through the same thing myself, as I know everyone in the audience has," he said during an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. "You think your parents don't know anything. You think they're old. They're out of touch, they're not hip with what's going on."

Don't worry, Mark Wahlberg: You'll always be hip to us!