8 Colors to Wear On New Year's Eve to Manifest Your Best 2023

Who knew your party outfit could be so powerful?

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New Years Eve

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By now, you've probably heard of manifestation, a technique that helps us bring our thoughts and innermost desires to life through intention setting. But did you know that one way to achieve this is with fashion and clothing? Specific colors correlate to specific feelings and intentions, and by wearing them, you can bring your dreams to fruition. Doing this on magically potent days, such as New Year’s Eve, is especially powerful since it'll create and add good vibes into our lives with minimal effort.

The first step is to get inspired, focusing on your dreams and aspirations for 2023. Then, let the universe do its work through color magic. To help make your innermost visions a reality in the year ahead, refer to this guide before picking out your New Year's Eve outfit. 

Wearing Pink On New Year's Eve

New Years Eve Pink

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Many of us aspire to have love in our lives at one point or another, which is why wearing any shade of pink on New Year’s Eve can help in manifesting romance. It's a good choice if you’re single and hoping that midnight kiss will become more than just a momentary fling. If you’re already in a committed relationship, pink can help in maintaining positive vibes and allow you to plan for the future.

Wearing Purple On New Year's Eve

New Years Eve Purple

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If you are looking to increase your power and heighten your personal magic in 2023, go with a regal purple color for New Year's Eve and in the upcoming months (especially in plush fabrics like satin or velvet). Purple will also help you to dip into the spiritual realm, embrace higher-minded ideology or philosophy, and gain wisdom in the year ahead.

Wearing Silver On New Year's Eve 

New Years Eve Silver

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Silver is a motivational color. It allows us to gain clarity and strength in all that we do, which, in turn, helps us improve our overall situation and make necessary changes in order to live our best lives. Being that it’s aligned with the color of the moon, silver brings personal and emotional transformation. Silver is also the color of dreams; wear it under the new or full moon to manifest awesomeness this year. 

Wearing Gold On New Year's Eve

New Years Eve Gold

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Gold is the most auspicious color for manifesting since it represents alchemy, wealth, and royalty. Add a splash of gold or go full throttle on New Year’s Eve to bring all sorts of amazingness into your life. Gold also allows us to think about our lives from a larger perspective and helps us to understand what we need to grow in the year ahead. A bit of gold bling is just what you'll need to enhance your souls.

Wearing Blue On Wearing Blue On New Year's Eve

New Years Eve Blue

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The color blue is known to bring in good vibes. It signifies loyalty and positivity, and is especially auspicious when it comes to career — blue enhances professional status by lending confidence to all who wear the color, and also has the power to boost your intuition and well-being. Not only does blue come with chill vibes, but it's also proven to lower blood pressure, meaning it's the perfect color to reduce stress as you ring in 2023.

Wearing Almond On New Year's Eve

New Years Eve Almond

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This color represents purity of heart and spirit. It’s important to wear any shade of almond if you’re longing to clear the slate and cleanse the energy from the past in an effort to start anew. It’s particularly helpful if you’re wanting to revive and make necessary changes in your life. As long as your heart is in it and the intention is meaningful then anything can happen in 2023.

Wearing Red On New Year's Eve

New Years Eve Red

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As the color of passion and desire, red can put our goals into action. With the right amount of determination, we can manifest our truest and deepest aspirations when wearing this color. In order to make magic happen in 2023 and for your dreams to become a reality (no matter how big or small they may be), dressing in the color red can set plans into play for the coming year.

Wearing Green On New Year's Eve

New Years Eve Green

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The color green (particularly emerald) attracts prosperity and abundance. Wearing this color as part of your New Year's Eve outfit will help in bringing in money and wealth. If you’re longing for a boost in your bank account or hoping for extra cash to spend in 2023, your wishes can come true by slipping on different shades of green. This is also the color for you if you’re trying to get over a broken heart.

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