"I’m always trying to operate as my best self," she says.

Mandy Moore
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These days, love can be a swipe or double tap away. And no one knows that better than Mandy Moore.

When the This Is Us star met her husband Taylor Goldsmith, she didn’t have the traditional “I saw you across a crowded room” moment like Jack and Rebecca. Instead, they connected in the most relatable of ways — on Instagram. And Moore made the first move on Insta back in 2015, posting not one but two images of Goldsmith’s band’s latest album cover, giving a shout out to the group, Dawes, and their new single, “Right on Time.” Naturally, Goldsmith saw the post and sent Moore a note, which turned into emails back and forth, a first date, and well, happily ever after. The pair got married in November 2018.

Following a painful split from first husband, Ryan Adams, Moore says she was ready to find love again, even if she never would have guessed that she’d find it on social media. “We have a modern kind of love story,” Moore told InStyle when we caught up with her earlier this month in NYC at an event celebrating the 50th birthday of Nature’s Way. “But if someone would have told me three years ago, ‘That’s your future husband, and you’re going to meet him through Instagram,’ I would have thought that they were absolutely bonkers. It proves that you have to stay open-minded because you just never know.”

Mandy Moore
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When it comes to online dating in general, Moore’s advice is to pay no mind to any old-fashioned stigma surrounding it. “We shouldn’t have any judgment about what helps people find one another,” she says. “I’ve met lots of friends on Instagram too. We live in such a crazy, exhausting world, I think it’s perfectly logical that this is how we connect with each other. It’s how we all communicate now anyway, so it doesn’t feel weird to me that it’s a way you can find a relationship that will really last.”

It’s ironic that Moore has Instagram to thank for her love life because as it turns out, her This Is Us character Rebecca also found her happy ending through social media. In season 2, episode 6 of the show called, “The 20s," fans might recall that showrunner Dan Fogelman started dropping breadcrumbs about how exactly Rebecca got together with family friend Miguel after Jack’s death, and yes, it involves a well-timed and well-meaning Facebook message, asking how she’s been the last eight years.

First, Rebecca types out, “I’m hanging in there,” before changing her mind and replying, “I’m good. How are you?” And that kicks off what will eventually turn into her next marriage.

Moore says that the episode is one that This Is Us fans bring up to her often. “The question that I get asked the most right now is how Miguel and Rebecca end up together,” she says. “People are very curious about it. Of course, I know their story, but I always just have to say, ‘Don’t worry, it will all get explained down the road at some point.’”

While Rebecca’s relationship with Miguel might have some similarities to Moore’s in real life, she still says that Rebecca and Jack will always be the ultimate in relationship goals. “The first season painted Jack in this other-worldly, superhero light, but I think as the show has continued on, you realize that he's fallible and human. He has made mistakes and has secrets just like all of us do. What I love is that they can still be considered couples goals even though they're both complex, three-dimensional human beings.”

Moore credits the show for giving her a fresh perspective on many things in her life, from love to self-care. “I've been in this business for almost 20 years, and I know that I have the best job of my lifetime right now,” she says. “Now I'm also married and I want to have a family, so I’m always trying to operate as my best self.” That means taking time for herself despite a hectic production schedule. “I try to eat healthy, take Nature's Way vitamins and supplements, get enough sleep, and really be mindful of what my body needs,” she says. Exercise is also top priority, and Moore says she regularly looks to her super fit co-stars, Justin Hartley, Sterling K. Brown, and Milo Ventimiglia for inspiration to keep it up.

So which one of them is the best workout buddy? “Well, Justin is just in crazy shape,” she says. “He’ll come to work and then leave, and workout, and then come back and finish filming for the day. I’m always like, ‘Ugh, you can go shower and it only takes you four seconds to get made up again.’ For me, that would never work. It would be a whole long thing.”

When she’s not on set, Moore looks for ways to unwind which often includes unplugging. “Sometimes we need to just get off the clock and the grind of looking at our phones and feeling like we have to be tethered to the world around us,” she says. “When I can put down the phone and take a deep breath, it feeds me. I think I have the opposite of FOMO! With age, comes the wisdom that you’re not really missing out on anything.”

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