Boyfriends say the darndest things.

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Credit: David Livingston/Getty

YouTube star Jenna Marbles is back at it with another beauty tutorial, but along with the rest of the Internet, she's giving the whole "100 layers" thing a rest. This time, she asked her boyfriend to narrate her routine. Trust us. Grab some popcorn, you're gonna love this.

For starters, her man refers to the beautyblender as a "ball of foam." Yes, while that's totally accurate, it's also hilarious. But what he says next had us legit cracking up: "You can eat the ball of foam when you're done, which is a great little thing. There's no calories so it's good." For the record, you cannot eat a beautyblender, so maybe don't try it.

Marbles's boyfriend also has a lot of fun with her contouring, and offers up a seriously funny take on blush. "Tonight I went with pink. Normally I go with clear. I like the visible cloak effect on my face so when you look at me I'm not there. That's probably my favorite shade," he says.

The video goes on for more than eight minutes, and it's worth it to watch in full. At the end, you'll get her BF's take on the Kylie Lip Kit and how hard it is to snag one. According to Jenna's boyfriend, she had to travel to Ukraine to get it.

This basically solidifies the fact that we need to hang out with this couple someday. We have a feeling this kind of hilarity happens on the regular.