"Pitch Perfect 2" - Los Angeles Premiere
Credit: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Maddie Ziegler, aka "Mini Sia," is about to hit one of the hottest shows on television. The 12-year-old, who danced in Sia's epic "Chandelier" video, seems primed to make a very strong, albeit creepy, impression on Pretty Little Liars.

Ziegler and Spencer Hastings, who portrays Troian Bellisario on the ABC Family hit, shared several photos of their scenes together on Instagram. Based off the images, it​ looks like the Dance Moms will guest star as a ghost—perhaps at Radley, the town of Rosewood's very poorly supervised mental hospital:

Bellisario captioned a photo of Ziegler on top of a bed with, "Powerhouse (And the sweetest)," while Ziegler said it was a "dream come true" to work with Bellisario.

Co-star Ashley Benson also shared a pic of her and the famous little dancer:

And speaking of dancing, it looks like Maddie's character will get to show off some of her amazing moves on the show as she posted a pic from the set with choreographer Travis Wall and thanked him for creating "something so cool but creepy at the same time."

Ziegler's Pretty Little Liars episode titled "She's No Angel" will air in July on ABC Family.