Luxury Hair Accessories Are Going to Have a Moment in 2023

Time to tap into the rich life.

Luxury Hair Accessories Are Gonna Have a Moment in 2023

Lelet/ Balmain/ Gucci

Remember when the itty-bitty Jacquemus Le Chiquito proved even pint-sized accessories can pack a punch? Well, in 2023, the luxury hair accessory is here to school us in the art of understated elegance. "Are luxury hair accessories having a moment? Yes, always," confirms celebrity hair stylist and Pureology Ambassador Gregory Russell with a laugh. "Personally I love a hair accessory — when the outfit calls for it." 

To a celebrity hair stylist, a luxury hair accessory, whether it's updo hair accessories or something to embellish free flowing strands, is as much an extension of the fashion as it is an adornment for the hair, bridging the client's glam with their garb. "The hair accessory is always dictated by what someone is wearing," Russell continues. "That is what I always start with — the outfit — and what makes sense with it. The outfit is where I gain the inspiration in the first place."

So the key is knowing to reserve them only for the right moment. "It's really important that you know that not every outfit calls for a hair accessory, but for certain ones, they really take you there," Russell continues. And on these special occasions, you can adopt a less-is-more approach. "When in doubt, simplicity is best," advises celebrity hair stylist Glen Coco Oropeza.

Why invest in couture hair accessories?

While a couture hair accessory could cost you hundreds of dollars, pulling off the trend need not break the bank. As celebrity hair stylist Jessica Elbaum points out, a luxury hair accessory can pair flawlessly with a Zara outfit to still give you that designer edge. Even a simple piece of fabric can do the trick to elevate a look. "I love to see [hair] interwoven with fabric from whatever you might be wearing, or in a color that ties together the whole look," Coco Oropeza adds.

A single piece of ribbon and Pureology Style and Protect Weightless Volume Hair Mousse was all it took for Russell to adorn Kate Hudson's hair, opting for a vintage specimen provided by Lelet NY. "I love vintage materials; I think their quality is unmatched," says Russell. "Intention is everything, so the fact that they are one-of-a-kind, and not something anyone else can get, makes them special. Individuality is the most important thing to me when it comes to creating a look for somebody."

Kate Hudson hairstyles
Courtesy of Gregory Russell.

The runway-beloved black bow is another perennial favorite that has popped up again of late. Russell opted for a black bow in starlet Lily Collins' updo in October 2022, again reaching for vintage ribbon provided by Lelet NY. "Recently I used a Jennifer Behr black velvet bow for Sydney Sweeney at the Venice Film Festival for the Bones and All premiere," says Oropiza. "The texture matched a certain detailing in her Armani dress, and we tossed it on at the very end of glam. It looked perfect with the look." He brings a handful of luxury hair accessory options when styling a celebrity for the red carpet, but only reaches for them on occasion. 

Upcoming Trends

On the luxury end of the spectrum, Elbaum predicts that gemstone and pearl headbands will be popular in 2023, as well as velvet hair bows. She names Gucci, Jennifer Behr, and Balmain as some of her favorite options for investment pieces. Remi Martins, founder of Natural Girl Wigs, has seen an uptick in the popularity of versatile headband wigs since the summer of 2021. Coco Oropeza names embellished headbands, scarves, and bedazzled bobby pins as being "amazing for special occasions." 

"For everyday, I love to see people rocking basic black fabric headbands, especially while traveling, working out, or running errands," he adds. 

For your everyday accessories, celebrity hair stylist Ciara Constenoble encourages a return to childlike play. "There is a more chill, relaxed energy with everyday hair styling right now and the trends are matching that vibe," she says. "I see scrunchies layered and stacked in the hair, and even with new shapes attached, like bows, and I even did a shoot with hair beads recently."

Below, find seven luxury hair accessories to perfect your looks for the holidays and beyond.

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Deborah Pagani Large Sleek Silverplated Hair Pin

Luxury Hair Accessories Are Gonna Have a Moment in 2023


To shop: $99;

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Lelet Sasha Bow

Luxury Hair Accessories Are Gonna Have a Moment in 2023


To shop: $148;

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Dauphines 18K Plated Luxury Hair Bobby Pin Set

Luxury Hair Accessories Are Gonna Have a Moment in 2023


To shop: $68;

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Balmain Hair Couture Leather Hair Barrette

Luxury Hair Accessories Are Gonna Have a Moment in 2023


To shop: $439;

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Gucci Quilted-Finish Leather Headband

Luxury Hair Accessories Are Gonna Have a Moment in 2023


To shop: $630;

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Jennifer Behr Wide Velvet Bow Barrette

Luxury Hair Accessories Are Gonna Have a Moment in 2023

Jennifer Behr

To shop: $148;

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Saint Laurent Small Scrunchie in Satin Silk

Luxury Hair Accessories Are Gonna Have a Moment in 2023


To shop: $220;

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