Lucy Liu Opened Up About Her Surrogacy Journey and Becoming a Mom In Her 40s

“I’m not here to change somebody’s mind.”

Lucy Liu

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As Michelle Yeoh once said, a woman is never “past her prime.” Ringing true to this narrative is Lucy Liu. The actress, artist, sometimes sword-wielder (according to her Instagram bio), and of course, mother, is rightfully so, earning her spot in the pantheon of superheroes at 54 years old (she stars in DC's new flick, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, out Mar. 17).

On Thursday, the actress gave a rare glimpse into her life as a working mother who chooses to balance a career and motherhood in an interview with The Cut as its March 2023 Cover Star. She opened up about how there was never a concrete plan for how she would operate her life, and she ultimately got tired of "reading from the same script." Ditching the script, she never let her age of being in her 40s stop her from having a kid — and at 47 years old, she welcomed her son Rockwell via surrogate

“I didn’t have a plan,” she told the publication. “I just thought I want to change the conversation a little bit. I didn’t want to talk about the next project. I felt like I was reading the same script. I got tired of it. I didn’t want the same dialogue. I’d heard myself say the same things many, many times and just thought, Well, this can’t be what’s next. It wasn’t enough. I didn’t mull it over too much. I didn’t do a lot of research, I just pulled the trigger. I can think myself out of something easily; if I think too much, I won’t do it. It’s better for me to feel something and just go for it. A lot of people read books about parenting. I didn’t do any of that. I was like, When the child is here, I’m just going to figure it out.”

After a decade of living in the City of Angels (Los Angeles), she moved back to New York City to have a kid there. By herself. She would raise her son in New York despite the remarks from others who did not approve of her decision.

Lucy Liu Shazam Premiere

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“I definitely wanted to raise a kid in New York. People will say, ‘It’s not convenient, you don’t even have a car,’ but this way, they’re going to see all the things. You’re going to show them what’s safe and what’s not, and they’re going to understand that through experience. It’s hard to build common sense when you’re in a car all the time. They’re going to smell the smells," she said.

Making her comic book movie debut in Shazam! Fury of the Gods, Liu is unapologetically embracing her superhero franchise in her 50s, but she firmly believes her career would have been “easier” if she got to star in superhero movies in her 20s.

“If it had happened earlier, it would have been miraculous,” she said. “It would have been a different story; my career would have been easier. There would have been more opportunity.”

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