I Tried the Detox Mask Shoppers Call “Magical,” and It Brightened My Skin After 8 Minutes

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I Tried the Detox Mask That Shoppers Call ‘Magical,’ and It Brightened My Skin After 8 Minutes

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Confession: I’m often guilty of committing one of the worst possible skincare offenses — going to bed without washing my face. (Cue audible gasps.) While I don’t wear a full face of makeup on a daily basis, I do wear a bit, mostly to hide my imperfections and add some color to my winter-ravaged skin. Tack on my city commute and slight insomnia, and my skin feels — and looks — stressed and dull. So when I was offered the opportunity to test skincare brand Love, Indus, I jumped at the chance to give my complexion a much-needed boost, and even more delighted it took just eight minutes.

To get that glow and give my skin a clarifying treatment, I turned to Love, Indus’ Velvet 08: Broadway Bright Detox mask. The mask offers a number of benefits that include brightening and smoothing skin while offering a deep cleanse. To achieve this, the Detox Mask is formulated with botanical ingredients like Thanaka wood to clean and tighten skin, cactus extract to hydrate, among other ingredients. And bonus: InStyle readers can get $15 off at checkout with code INSTYLE15 until February 14.

Velvet :08 Broadway Bright Detox Mask

Love Indus

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I began by smoothing on the mask which, true to its Velvet name, felt like slathering my face in creamy, melted chocolate. Only this offered a light, clean, and refreshing scent, reminiscent of a spa visit. After just a few seconds, I noticed the satisfying, tingling sensation that I crave in a mask as it tells me that it’s working. The mask mostly hardened when my eight minutes were up, and I took a warm, damp washcloth to wipe off each section of my face. Once it was fully removed, I added a couple splashes of cold water to give my skin a refreshing kick.

When I looked at my reflection, I noticed skin that not only looked and felt clean (and still maintained that same refreshing scent), but also skin that felt softer and appeared brighter. It had a subtle vibrant glow, which is particularly notable when I use the product in the morning when my skin is usually at its most dull. I consider it my go-to skin pick-me-up. I ran my hand over my cheeks and typically-bumpy forehead and felt a smoothness and softness that’s often lacking, especially during these long winter months. 

I also noticed the product continued to tingle even after removing it, which lasted for another 30 minutes or so. While the mask did not dry out my skin like others I’ve tried, I still followed up with a moisturizer to prevent dehydration. Or, you can use a hydrating serum to lock in moisture.

Shoppers also gave the Detox Mask glowing reviews, with one person sharing that it left their skin “amazingly supple and glowing.” They continued, saying that it’s now a part of their morning skincare routine, and that it makes them feel “like an artist with a clean palette.” 

Another shopper called the mask “magical,” adding that their “skin feels fresh and revitalized” and that the mask “feels so good on the skin.” A third shopper agreed, sharing that the mask “is so smooth and felt super light,” while adding that “the best part of all, [their] skin had an amazing glow” after use.

Anytime my skin needs a little extra care, especially when I notice build-up or forget to give it the proper amount of attention it deserves, I’ll be smoothing on the Love, Indus’ Velvet 08: Broadway Bright Detox Mask for an easy, eight-minute refresher. Grab yours and don’t forget to enter code INSTYLE15 at checkout through February 14.

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