I Pair These Lightweight Yet Deeply Hydrating Serums to Give My Skin a Perfect Dose of Dewiness

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Love, Indus CPC - I Pair These Lightweight Yet Deeply Hydrating, Luminous Serums to Give My Skin a Perfect Dose of Dewiness

Love, Indus CPC/ InStyle

During these cold winter months, I find myself reaching more for skincare that actually nourishes my skin than products that only create a surface-level glowy illusion. But I often run into challenges when it comes to finding the right ingredients that work with my sensitive skin. A tell-tale sign something isn’t vibing? My cheeks immediately turn bright red and break out, two reactions I’d love to avoid. 

Since I’m constantly on the lookout for these skincare urban legends, I jumped at the opportunity to give Love, Indus’ serums a try — especially since the brand uses natural botanical ingredients in its formulas. In particular, I was drawn to the Amrutini True Brew Transforming Serum and the Amrutini Luminosity Dewdrops. What stood out to me about these products is that they can (and should) be paired together to achieve a deeply hydrating, luminous experience. 

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Love Indus Amrutini True Brew

InStyle / Sarah Byron

Shop now: $105 with code INSTYLE15 (Originally $120); loveindus.com

Those ingredients include hyaluronic acid that helps the skin retain moisture, vegan ghee, which is an anti-aging and anti-inflammatory ingredient, Ashwagandha for rejuvenation, and tuberose to help improve elasticity. I pair these serums in two easy, consecutive steps for a daily dose of perfect dewiness. 

First, I apply one pump of the transforming serum, which is designed to strengthen, repair, and plump skin. I pat  this hydrating serum gently into my face, neck, and décollatage. It contains Muga silk, which gives it a pale gold-iridescent look when it’s first dispensed, but it absorbs into skin with a silky finish that isn’t sticky or greasy.

Love Indus Amrutini Luminosity Dewdrops

InStyle / Sarah Byron

Shop now: $120 with code INSTYLE15 (Originally $135); loveindus.com

After I’ve applied the transforming serum, I rub a few drops of these Luminosity Dewdrops into my hands before strategically applying them to areas that I want to have a dewy look, like my cheeks and collar bones. This serum is super versatile because you can wear it for an extra glow (like me), apply it as an overnight serum, or use it to stay hydrated throughout the day.

If applying skincare with your hands isn’t your thing, you can use the reusable silk “cocoons” that come with the serum for an added touch of luxury to your routine. Before applying the serums, slip a cocoon on your fingertip, dampen it with water, and glide it over your face.

Love Indus Silk Cocoon

InStyle / Sarah Byron

Shop now: $120 with code INSTYLE15 (Originally $135); loveindus.com

And I’m not alone in my love for these two serums. One shopper shared that their skin has “brightened” and “cleared up” since using them together. Another referred to the transforming serum as the “fountain of youth,” while a third said it left their skin feeling “extremely plumped, soft, and fresh.” While reviewing the dewdrops, one person said they now wake up with “hydrated and refreshed” skin. And another added that these drops have “helped restore balance in [their] skin.”

Nourish, hydrate, and restore your skin’s natural glow by heading to Love, Indus and grabbing these lightweight and nourishing serums today. 

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