Louisa Ballhaus

Louisa Ballhaus Headshot
Title: Writer
Education: Wesleyan University
Location: New York, NY
Expertise: Mental Health , Self-Care

Louisa is a writer and editor from New York City whose work has been published in Cosmopolitan, Bustle, Betches, SheKnows, and more. She's just as passionate about new beauty treatments as she is about new TV shows and loves writing at the intersection of culture, celebrity, and lifestyle.


I've previously worked on product and service reviews for SheKnows and Betches, focusing on home goods, style, and celebrity-approved products for SheKnows and beauty treatments and services for Betches. I live with mental health concerns like depression and anxiety and my product picks are all about things that make life easier, instill joy, and boost confidence, and I especially love long-lasting beauty treatments that make day-to-day maintenance easier (see: microblading eyebrows, microneedling, etc.).


  • Her past experience includes writing for; SheKnows.com, Bustle, and Betches.
  • She also has bylines in Cosmopolitan, Merry Jane, Body Type, and Free State Review.
  • Louisa received a BA in Creative Writing from Wesleyan University and graduated with honors.


BA in Creative Writing from Wesleyan University

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