Slugging Never Worked for Me Until I Found This Non-Sticky Solution From Camila Mendes' Skincare Brand

The brand’s newest launch gave me an all-over glow.

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Dream Sleep


Slugging has never appealed to me. No matter how many TikTok videos I saw, articles I read, or before-and-afters I closely inspected, there was nothing anyone could do to get me to hop on the trend and apply a thick layer of goop to my face every night before bed. As someone who doesn’t have in-unit laundry (meaning I’m not paying to wash a Vaseline-covered pillowcase daily), this was a skincare trend that made me think, “well, good for them,” not one that made me run to my nearest drugstore. So when Loops Beauty offered to send its newest slugging mask my way, I was skeptical.

Typically, slugging involves applying a layer of petroleum jelly on top of your nighttime skincare routine, locking in that moisture so that you wake up with hydrated, glowing skin. My issue was never with the validity of the trend – as dermatologists have pointed out, it works – but with the application itself. And, to Loops’ credit, it had devised a solution to that very problem.

The brand’s newest launch, The Dream Sleep Slugging Hydrogel Face Mask, goes on as a sheet mask, with the textured side containing a plethora of hydrating ingredients, including niacinamide and ceramides, designed to both add and lock in moisture. The two-part mask covers both the top and bottom of the face, applying smoothly and sticking to skin with ease. And where Vaseline-based slugging requires that you keep it on all night, this product stays on for just 10 minutes (what the brand calls the “Loop”) before you get to discard it and go about the rest of your night. And right now, you can grab a five-pack from Camila Mendes’ skincare brand for just $35.

Loops Dream Sleep


Shop now: $35;

Full disclosure: I went into it expecting to be underwhelmed. As a Dr. Jart’s Rubber Mask loyalist, which stays on the skin for up to 40 minutes, I wasn’t convinced the brand’s 10-minute “Loop” would do much. But from the moment I applied the mask, I was pleasantly surprised. Thanks to the texturing, it stuck to my skin. My typical mask routine involves laying in bed until my timer goes off — a good excuse to play on my phone, but not always practical — but with this, I was able to drink water, move around, and talk without it slipping and sliding all over my face. 

But I really fell in love when I finally took it off.  Prior to using Loop’s Dream Sleep, I never felt like the serums used were fully soaking into my skin, but as I peeled this off, my face was nearly dry. I wasn’t sticky or soaking wet, yet my skin looked radiant. The mask, using six nourishing plant-based oils — macadamia nut, jojoba, grape seed, olive, avocado, and evening primrose — had effectively locked in moisture in a way I hadn’t experienced before. And the next morning? Yeah, I still had a glow! If this mask counts as slugging, consider me a convert — it’s the non-sticky, near-instant solution to get that fresh-faced radiance. 

If you’re looking for a quick boost of hydration and all-over dew, grab Loop Beauty’s just-launched slugging five-pack for $35.

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