Katie Holmes Pulled Off a Risky Spring Trend That's Only $9 on Amazon

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Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes. Photo: Backgrid

Spring's all fun and games until it brings those infamous showers. But Katie Holmes is at least one person who's not letting inclement weather rain on her parade.

In a bold fashion choice, Holmes stepped out in New York City this week wearing a risky seasonal staple: the white sweatshirt. While on face value there's nothing really shocking about a white sweatshirt (what's more basic than a neutral piece of outerwear during the occasionally still-chilly months?),when you begin to consider all of the individual challenges stacked against it, well, you'll see the bravery exerted just leaving the house in this piece.

Firstly, as a New Yorker myself, I can attest that yesterday, when Holmes was documented wearing the accused sweatshirt, it was unquestionably one of the young season's coldest days yet. We haven't quite tipped over to the sundress portion of spring, so the decision to go for just a sweatshirt, and not layer over a trench coat or chore jacket, was bold.

Secondly, on that day, and on many days this week, we New Yorkers were plagued by the very weather that would annihilate a pristine white sweatshirt: light drizzles. A heavy enough downpour could have easily left Holmes with an awkward see-through situation to deal with (especially given she wasn't wearing any kind of overcoat), but even a gentle spritz would have been enough to attract muddy splashes from passing cars and drips from up-above air conditioners. Yikes.

Still, we have to admit Holmes' white sweatshirt seemed to be in perfect condition, nary a splatter in sight. She paired it with another absolute classic, blue jeans, plus a low-key A.P.C. Grace bag and sensible shoes. The whole look was so seamless, it's actually caused us to reconsider our skeptical stance on white sweatshirts for spring. It turns out, the white spring sweatshirt might be the exact piece our closet is missing.

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