Emma Watson Made a Rare, Braless Appearance Wearing Stockings Over Her Heels

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Emma Watson
Emma Watson. Photo: Neil Mockford/Ricky Vigil M/GC Images

My favorite kind of red carpet celebrity outfits aren't the ones that top everyone's best dressed list. They're not the ones that are so obviously iconic, they're re-shared by every single person you know on Instagram and dissected endlesslessly on TikTok. No, my favorite ones are the ones that confuse me so deeply, I can't help but do a double take and zoom in to investigate what exactly is going on. So far this year, only two celebrity looks have made me do this. The first one was worn by Martha Stewart and it was a pair of what appears to be pantashoe wedges (I've still never gotten answers, so the plot thickens on what exactly those were) and the second is Emma Watson's stocking-heels from a pre-BAFTA party this past weekend.

For one, seeing any photos of Watson from this weekend was a shock in itself because she so rarely makes appearances. But her footwear choice for the Charles Finch and Chanel dinner in London, paired with a sexy mini dress with a sheer plunging cut-out top in lieu of a bra, has me so shocked, I don't even know where to start.

Upon first glance, it appears that Watson is wearing a pair of bold nude tights accented with thick black stripes. That seems innocent enough, and makes sense since patterned tights have been seriously trending as of late. But then I realized I couldn't exactly make out where her stockings ended and her heels began. Eventually, I had to come to the hard-to-swallow realization that they are one.

Wearing stockings over heels is absolutely impossible, clearly, but Waton's boots are exactly what it would look like if it were. And after doing multiple zoom-ins, it appears to be what's actually happening, except these stocking-heel hybrid boots feature a sole at the bottom that make the look make a little bit more sense. And while the look itself confused me at first, I'm honestly really into it. Ever since Prada sent sheer knee-high socks down the runway, I've been obsessed with elevating my looks with unexpected tights or stockings. And while I'm not about to try to sew my stockings into a pair of heels, I'm thinking recreating Watson's look by just pairing some statement tights with pumps will do the trick just fine.

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