Emily Ratajkowski Just Wore This Over-the-Top Winter Accessory With an Unexpected Puffer Coat

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Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski. Photo: The Image Direct

While we're hoping 2022 looks far different than both 2021 and 2020 (which are starting to look a lot like each other, unfortunately), there are two things that'll without a doubt remain prominent in the new year: fuzzy bucket hats and corduroy puffer coats. These trends aren't going anywhere, and they're much more welcome than the variants that also appear to have some staying power right now.

Emily Ratajakowski modeled both of the trends while out for a walk in New York over the weekend. She wore the famous Emma Brewin faux fur bucket hat (which she owns in nearly every color) with a $1,615 Ienki Ienki corduroy puffer jacket. Blake Lively recently wore a similar corduroy puffer, which, if you could believe, is a slightly more expensive $1,875 option by Moncler.

The corduroy puffer started to gain popularity last year, when Aritzia made its famous Super Puff coat available in the material. It's since sold out, but Nordstrom has some similar options for as little as $120. There's even a Cord puffer by Levi's on Amazon for just $80, and an on-sale option for under $100 at Everlane. Basically, you can still get this '70s winter look for hundreds less, and we guarantee it's far more exciting than any other puffer you own.

The look is extremely textured, so pairing it with a faux fur hat — like the ones Emma Brewin put on the map — feels like a natural next step. Everyone from Miley Cyrus to Dua Lipa loves the look, and if you're currently saving up for one handmade by Brewin herself, there are plenty of under-$20 options on Amazon that'll scratch the fuzzy hat itch for now.

So if you're having trouble getting excited for 2022, we think investing in these winter trends will at least provide some much needed retail therapy. And who couldn't use clothing that essentially feels like a warm hug right now?

Get the Look:

Ienki Ienki Michlin Overized Puffer Jacket
Shop now:
$1,615; bergdorfgoodman.com

Emma Brewin Bucket Hat
Shop now:
$430; emmabrewin.com

Levi's The Corduroy Puffer
Shop now:
$80; amazon.com

RVCA Eezeh Corduroy Puffer Jacket
Shop now:
$120; nordstrom.com

BDG Urban Outfittters Corduroy Puffer Jacket
Shop now: $124; nordstrom.com

Madewell Ensley Quilted Corduroy Jacket
Shop now: $101 (Originally $168); nordstrom.com

Wrangler Fleece Lined Cotton Corduroy Utility Jacket
Shop now: $138; nordstrom.com

Everlane The Corduroy Puffer
Shop now: $94 (Originally $135); everlane.com

Moncler Daos Corduroy Hooded Down Puffer Jacket
Shop now: $1,875; nordstrom.com

Miu Miu Velvet Puffer Jacket
Shop now:
$2,750; farfetch.com

Stand Studio Wera Faux Fur Bucket Hat
Shop now: $155; nordstrom.com

Eugenia Kim Mishka Faux Fur Beret
Shop now: $225; nordstrom.com

Nordstrom Faux Fur Bucket Hat
Shop now: $39; nordstrom.com

Ruslan Baginskiy Faux-fur Bucket Hat
Shop now: $240; farfetch.com

Malax Winter Faux Fur Bucket Hat
Shop now:
$19; amazon.com

Soul Young Winter Faux Fur Cossak Russian Style Hat
Shop now: $17; amazon.com

Umeepar Winter Faux Fur Bucket Hat
Shop now:
$15; amazon.com

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