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Miley Cyrus
Credit: mileycyrus/Instagram

I've been thinking a lot about Miley Cyrus recently. But haven't we all? Ever since she appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon with Pete Davidson, I can't stop imagining them as a couple. Unfortunately, the Alt guy just never seems to end up with the Alt girl, and her recent look, complete with double middle finger accessories, is exactly how I feel about that.

In a recent Instagram post captioned "coordinated," Cyrus styled a Chanel tank top, and flap bag, with the famous Emma Brewin Zsa Zsa hat, and a pair of trendy Simon Miller platform scrambler Chelsea boots. If the hat looks familiar, that's because everyone in Hollywood has been wearing them since the British designer Emma Brewin launched her popular brand in 2014. If you've seen a photo of a famous head of hair recently, this hat has likely been sitting pretty right on top.

After Dua Lipa, Rihanna, Emily Ratajkowski, and Cyrus started wearing her signature oversized faux fur hat, Brewin was everywhere. Now that the cold is back, so is the 'It' accessory of the season. Just the other week, Rihanna wore the pink version with cargo pants, and Ratajkowski wore the leopard print version with Amal Clooney-approved boots.

While the fuzzy hat feels extremely '90s, there's no denying its resurgence in 2021 makes so much sense. Naturally, with the ski-bunny bimbo aesthetic all over TikTok (no doubt thanks to Lady Gaga in House of Gucci), everyone wants an Emma Brewin. The hats retail for upwards of $425, but they're also the softest faux fur you'd ever touch and are handmade in Brewin's small studio outside of London.

Basically, it's a worthy addition to your holiday wish list, and so many options are finally back in stock after being sold out for so long. Personally, I'm asking Santa for the pistachio bucket one. And until then, I'm going to buy as many fluffy hats for under $25 on Amazon as I can. My only other wish this Christmas is that Davidson ends up coordinating with Cyrus by wearing an identical fit for their SNL New Year's Eve special. An alt girl can dream, right?

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