Victoria Beckham Wore the Chic Face Mask Trend Angelina Jolie Loves — and It Starts at Just 13 Cents on Amazon

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Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham. Photo: Splash News

Victoria Beckham travel's uniform is way better than mine. I recently traveled for close to 18 hours, so a comfy sweat set was the only feasible choice, right? (Right.) But Beckham, never not chic, went with something way more elegant when she touched down at JFK Airport: checkered trousers, a black trench coat, and a black disposable face mask.

Beckham's definitely established a signature style at this point. She's often spotted in her own designs and oversized black sunglasses, and that holds true for this ensemble. That said, with that trench and color-coordinated face mask, we think she might be borrowing a page from another A-lister's book: If you take a look at Angelina Jolie's recent outfits, you'll notice that sleek, chic, simple black face masks have been her go-to for months.

I get why Beckham did it. I recently added a 100-pack of similar-looking masks into my collection, and now they're the only ones I reach for. The face covering goes with every outfit and is easy to breathe and talk in, especially when it's hot outside. Best of all, though, is that right now, tons of options are majorly marked down on Amazon, so I suggest stocking up.

Now let's circle back to the trench coat, another signature piece in both Jolie and Beckham's wardrobes. The fall classic is reappearing as the temperatures dip and the need for layers rises. It's a staple that elevates any look (even sweats!), and since it comes in various silhouettes and fabrics, there's a trench coat for just about everyone out there.

I'm about to copy Beckham copying Jolie. I have the black disposable face mask down; now I just need the trench coat. Shop the dupes I'm eyeing to recreate these celebrity looks below.

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