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Gigi Hadid
Credit: Getty Images

My new favorite game to play is called: "Was it actually cold in New York that day, or are celebrities just excited for fall?" So far, Jennifer Lopez is winning with the most elaborate fall outfits we've seen in a while during not-cold-at-all weather in the city. Remember the plaid coat she wore with Ben Affleck in Madison Square Park the other day? Yeah, it was nearly 80 degrees. But now, it looks like Gigi Hadid is about to take the lead.

Her latest outfit included a bright yellow fuzzy bucket hat and an oversized shearling coat. It feels like what I would wear in low 60s weather in New York, and while it's been getting crispier here, temperatures have mostly stayed in the 70s — not quite fuzzy-accessory-and-fuzzy-jacket weather just yet. But I hope Hadid's fall 'fit manifests those fall temps, because I'm itching to put on my fuzzy bucket hats again.

After Emma Brewin released her high-fashion faux fur bucket hat in 2017, which quickly made its way to fashion spreads, the heads of supermodels, and most of Instagram, the style was everywhere for a few months. But then I guess TikTok decided they were over it, with many trend influencers suggesting the style had run its course. But declaring something "over" in a time where low-rise jeans are coming back and socks with sandals are considered cool just doesn't make sense.

Plus, fuzzy bucket hats are too cozy to ever really be done — it's like wearing a pillow on your head, but a pillow that feels like a newborn puppy. And you can easily buy one for just $14 on Amazon. So excuse us while we buy a couple and go out to buy an apple cider: If celebrities don't have to wait for real fall weather, then neither do we.

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