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Jessica Alba
Credit: Backgrid

We predicted the comfy suit trend for 2021 as soon we we clocked Jennifer Aniston looking cool and casual in a relaxed style on set for The Morning Show earlier this year. Now, Jessica Alba is hammering the point home in a loose, teal-shade pant suit that's anything but business. Although at first blush the Wall Street staple seems anathema to the pandemic dressing patterns we've cozily fallen into, the new generation of women's suiting is proving itself, well, suitable, all things considered.

Even to those whose pre-pandemic style leaned heavily masochistic (dagger heels, non-stretch denim, just bras in general) now likely expect their clothing to have more in common with the bathrobe-and-slippers-adjacent pieces we've been living in for the past 12 months. A new class of blazer-pants sets share more in common with 2020s ubiquitous sweatsuits than their overly tailored counterparts of yore. Stuffy, starched fabrics have made way to plush, breathable alternatives, and fussy accessories like belts can be eschewed thanks to stretchy waistbands and a general shift toward looser silhouettes.

Alba's entire outfit, worn on a walk through Playa Vista just yesterday, is an effective cheat sheet for decolonizing the pant suit, starting with her $140 Vagabond sneakers from Nordstrom. The brand is a since-spilled celebrity secret that's managed to keep prices low despite ever-growing interest from A-listers. And the same could be said about Alba's bone-white leather bag from Cuyana, whose under-$300 price point is extremely competitive considering the lion's share of famous people's bag collections start north of $1,000 (like, for example, Alba's other bag in hand — a $3,200 Dior Book Tote). All that's left to add is a slouchy white tee, and the suit's stuffiness is neutralized.

The Gen Z of suits is here and it's spelled freedom. Shop the future (plus Alba's entire outfit) below.

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