Megan Fox Wore the Upsetting Sneakers Celebrities Refuse to Give Up

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Megan Fox
Megan Fox. Photo: Splash News

Celebrities may have multi-million dollar homes and personal assistants and even their own beauty lines, but the most unrelatable thing that famous people keep doing is wearing this one pair of incomprehensible sneakers.

Golden Goose sneakers are immediately identifiable for their artificial distressing, which includes fake scuffs and dirt marks all over the shoe's upper. They're also regrettably easy to spot for how frequently they're seen on seriously A-list feet. Reese Witherspoon and Selena Gomez wear them. Ana de Armas is a newly professed fan. Even Michelle Obama (please, no) has fallen victim to their skid-marked siren song.

Looking past that so many household names are waking up and choosing violence with these... let's call them "artfully pre-worn" sneakers, is the further distressing fact that they cost at least $500 a pair — and as much as $1,800 for the real masochists.

If we thought for a moment that Golden Goose's reign as celebrity sneaker monarch was winding down amid a cleanliness-obsessed pandemic, we were just proven wrong. Known hot girl and woman-in-love Megan Thee Fox just wore a pair of Super-Star low-tops, evincing that the Golden Goose era isn't only going strong, it's possibly more powerful than ever.

Try as we might to understand these sneakers, there are some things we just have to take celebs' word for. Trust fall into these inexplicable sneakers below.

Get the look:

Golden Goose Super-Star Low Top Sneaker
Shop now: $530;

Golden Goose Super-Star Private Edition Sneaker
Shop now: $605;

Golden Goose PURESTAR Low Top Sneaker
Shop now: $495;

Golden Goose Super Star Low Top Sneaker
Shop now: $530;

Golden Goose Super-Star Tie Dye Low Top Sneaker
Shop now: $530;

Golden Goose Hi Star Platform Sneaker
Shop now: $530;

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