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Bella Hadid
| Credit: Raymond Hall/GC Images

When Bella Hadid was spotted in a pair of paisley Etro jeans last August, Twitter was saying how she always looks like a randomly generated Sims character. It stuck with me because I absolutely agree. But I actually think that's a compliment. The USHATAVA pinstripe suit outfit with hot pink pieces she wore out in New York yesterday brought these tweets back to my consciousness.

When I created Sims characters back in middle school, I remember wanting them to have the most iconic outfits. It was the first time I had access to a wardrobe that felt infinite, and so I threw every single piece of clothing I wish I owned onto these pixels that lived on my bulky Mac laptop (very reminiscent of 2020's Animal Crossing). My enthusiasm knew no bounds, and fashion rules don't exist in video games, so they were always wearing every pattern, color, and texture imaginable. My goal was to have them wear an outfit no one else in the world currently had on — and I think I succeeded.

But back to Bella Hadid. Hadid absolutely looks like she could have been one of my Sims characters, and that's refreshing. Her style is definitely one-of-a-kind unlike a lot of other supermodels or Instagram fashion girls who are always in the latest trend with the latest It bag, It shoe, It everything. That doesn't mean Hadid doesn't own the Ganni Chelsea boots everyone wants (she's now worn them multiple times). But she just wears them differently than anyone else would.

Her latest look feels straight out of the early 2000s in a way that would make any Gen Z-er's head spin. Hadid wore a matching USHATAVA pinstripe blazer and pants that instantly reminded me of Julia Robert's iconic 2001 Golden Globes look. The hot pink shirt, tinted sunglasses, Cluster Pearls Drop Earrings by Jackie Mack Designs, and La Manso ring, definitely felt like an ode to something else but I couldn't put my finger on it until my co-worker pointed out how she looked like an emo Lizze McGuire.

Now I'm not saying my Sims characters were advanced enough to look like a supermodel doing a Lizze McGuire x Julia Roberts impression, but I think they probably came pretty close. Either way, both they and Bella Hadid were wearing outfits no one else in the world could come up with and, honestly, I think that's pretty amazing.

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