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Kim Kardashian Wedding Ring
Credit: Backgrid

Want to feel old? We are only seven days into 2021. While this week has truly felt like a year in itself, we're trying to distract ourselves by focusing on something as trivial as what Kim Kardashian is and isn't wearing.

So let's start with her latest look that has made headlines. Kardashian was seen out in Los Angeles just a day after rumors started circulating that she and Kanye West, who wed in 2014, were getting a divorce. Notably missing was her $1.5 million engagement ring, although she was still wearing her wedding ring. While most people might not care about the other details of her look, we think it's worth noting it was very good, and that she wore perhaps the most popular puffer coat trend of the past couple seasons.

When celebrity favorite brand Nanushka released its $620 vegan leather puffer coat, literally everyone in fashion decided they needed one. If you look at the street style from February 2019, the coat can be easily spotted on one out of every five show-goers. The coat still remains incredibly popular, probably because it looks exactly like a delicious shiny marshmallow you can wear. Kardashian's brown puffer coat looks almost exactly like it except hers is a similar style by Acne Studios that's currently on sale for $1,620.

This puffer coat style clearly won't be going anywhere in 2021, and we'd recommend getting one to maintain at least some form of normalcy, at least sartorially anyway. Of course there are now some more affordable versions on the market at Nordstrom with prices starting as low as $140. And clearly they look good with or without $1.5 million engagement rings.

Get the look:

Acne Studios Down-Feather Long-Sleeve Jacket

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Nanushka Hide Vegan Leather Puffer Jacket

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Nanushka  Vegan Leather Snakeprint Puffer Coat

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Rails Faux Leather Puffer Jacket

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Lulus Weather or Not Faux Leather Puffer Coat

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Nanushka  Vegan Leather Snakeprint Puffer Coat

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Good American Leather Puffer Coat

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BY.DYLN Austin Faux Leather Hooded Puffer Jacket

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