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By Laura Reilly
Dec 21, 2020 @ 12:22 pm
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Katie Holmes
| Credit: Splash News

As the weather intensifies, the actually wearable portion of our shoe closets begins to shrink. Treacherous heels, exposed open-toe sandals, and even splash-magnet flats are all on hold until further notice. In these inclement outdoor conditions, it's the bulkier are bolder options that have earned the most coveted spot by the front door. And for celebrities like Katie Holmes, one boot in particular is proving to be especially re-wear worthy.

On an outing in New York City this weekend, Holmes was spotted in a pair of winter-perfect Sorel Lennox Hiker Boots that she's previously worn. She wrapped up the look in a cozy robe coat, a lilac hoodie, and wide-leg jeans that showed off the boots' clever lacing.

Holmes, however, isn't the only celebrity fan of the brand. Since Holmes was first spotted in Sorel, Oprah Winfrey went on to declare a pair of the brand's boots one of her "Favorite Things" of 2020, per her famous annual list. Her style of choice was the Kinetic Conquest Sneaker, which also features Sorel's signature wide criss-cross lacing.

Katie Holmes and Oprah's love of Sorel is part of a greater legacy of celebrities turning to the brand for all their cold-weather footwear needs. Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, and Kate Middleton have all sported Sorel boots for outdoor activities, especially in colder climates like Sweded and Wyoming vacations.

Thankfully, Sorel boots are easy as ever to buy and less expensive than other A-list loved footwear, with many options retailing for under $200. Shop Holmes and Winfrey's favorite Sorel boots, plus other great styles from the brand, at Nordstrom and Amazon below.

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