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Kelly Ripa
| Credit: Splash News

Kelly Ripa has so many thoughts on 2020, and her outfits basically tell us exactly what they are. A couple weeks ago, she proved to be the ultimate science fangirl in a Dr. Fauci crewneck. This weekend, she continued to champion science but used her sweatshirt to express a slightly different emotion: frustration.

Her colorful Ashish sweatshirt encapsulated how we all feel with the text 'This Is a Nightmare' written out across the chest. The sparkly glitter letters are a nice touch in softening what is otherwise a somber and very true revelation about arguably the worst year ever. And unlike Ripa's Dr. Fauci sweater, which can be purchased on Amazon for as little as $30, this designer sweatshirt costs $635 and is selling out fast.

Thankfully, if you're looking to cop her look and not break the bank before the holidays, the rest of Ripa's outfit was just as 2020 — and way more affordable. Ripa paired her bold designer hoodie with a simple pair of black yoga sweats, a simple white pair of running shoes, and a plain black face mask. While some celebrities have been matching their face masks to their bedazzled Starbucks cups (à la Jennifer Lopez) or their hot pink pumps (à la Sarah Jessica Parker), many of them have started switching over to a more subtle option in the winter months.

Recently, nearly everyone has been spotted in a simple black surgical face mask. A 50 pack of the disposable option retails for around $10 to $14 on Amazon and nearly every brand is currently on sale. Of course, nearly every face mask by the Katie Holmes-loved Evolvetogether is also simple and black, with a low price point of just over $1 per mask. Celeb-favorite MasQd even has a black $20 ultra-soft face mask available that's reusable.

So while we continue to stan Ripa's ability to somehow wear an outfit that's simultaneously subtle and not-so-subtle, we'll patiently await a Ripa-inspired 'This is a Nightmare' face mask to drop. This year has got at least one more over-the-top face mask trend in it, right?

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