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Nov 30, 2020 @ 10:38 am
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Katie Holmes
| Credit: TheImageDirect

Katie Holmes's latest coat spoke for all of us when it said: Literally what is even happening right now?

On a fall day in New York City, when it was both hot and cold, when both Halloween and Christmas decorations could be seen in side-by-side storefronts, when everyone was outside, but also removed from the world by six-foot negative space on all sides (or inside with friends and family, which for once they really shouldn't be), Holmes wore a coat that was actually a jacket, but also actually a shirt. Fittingly, her boyfriend boggled minds further by wearing just a crew-neck tee.

You've probably already heard of the shirt-jacket hybrid, known by its portmanteau, "shacket," as it's been popular for several seasons now. But while the concept may not be entirely new, its indecisive essence is more relevant than ever. And Holmes isn't the only celebrity riding the perplexing coat wave either — Rihanna wore a shacket just last week in an eerily similar outfit.

The thing is, despite the chaotic nature of the shacket, it's quite possibly the only thing that makes sense these days. Neither inside nor outside? Shacket. Weather weathering? Shacket. Comfy but presentable? Shacket. Trying but also not so much? Shack-et. While 2020 insists on raging all around us, the shacket is decidedly indecisive but, you know, it's just fabric so it can't hurt you.

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