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Emily Ratajkowski
| Credit: Rachpoot/MEGA/GC Images

Even though things are finally starting to look up, it's hard not to still think that maybe we are living in the apocalypse. And just when we start getting too comfortable, celebrities seem to confirm the end of times is here by wearing the most controversial trend ever known to man: low-rise jeans.

Every now and then, usually when things are bleak, low-rise jeans emerge right on schedule to try and make things worse. Low-rise jeans have a controversial reputation because they aren't particularly flattering and almost always expose your thong. But some celebrities find incredibly convincing ways to make them a thing, like Meghan Markle, who caused a pair by DL1961 to sellout instantly (they've since been restocked at Nordstrom), or Emily Ratajkowski, who makes the case for low-rise jeans as maternity wear.

Ever since she announced her pregnancy last month, Ratajkowski has found countless ways to make her maternity looks very her. Naturally, the day after the news broke she was spotted out in Manhattan in a cut-out dress. Yesterday she was seen grabbing matcha in Los Angeles wearing the rare green Evolvetogether mask, a Leset crop-top and matching cardigan set, and yes, low-rise jeans.

For reasons that are blatantly obvious, low-rise jeans make a lot of sense for anyone who is newly pregnant, and it's a bit surprising to think more pregnant celebrities haven't embraced the trend in a year that has unexpectedly become the year of the celeb baby. And honestly, even if you aren't planning on having a celebrity baby, it's a little hard not to understand the appeal of the trend after seeing Ratajkowski wear it so effortlessly. Low-rise jeans are sexy without even trying, and they're guaranteed to get people talking. And listen, if this is the apocalypse, we may at least try some controversial trends and go out with a bang.

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