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Katie Holmes 10/19/20 LOTD
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Never in my life have I ever felt the desire to go hiking. As someone born and raised in New York City, the nature gene must just not be in my blood. And the one time someone managed to talk me into going on a hike, I cried the entire time. So why is it that in this god forsaken year I want nothing more than a very good pair of hiking boots?

The answer isn't because I actually want to use them for their intended purpose, but because I like the way they look thanks to celebrities like Katie Holmes who have been wearing them casually. Holmes was spotted wearing a pair of classic Sorel Lennox Hiker boots that are available on Amazon just the other day in Manhattan, my preferred hiking trail.

Hiking boots have no doubt risen in popularity because of the pandemic. With no far-flung vacations in the cards for a while, city dwellers and celebrities have been hitting the trails (or at least wearing hiking clothing outs) because they're made to be extremely comfortable in extreme conditions. And what is more extreme than 2020? Truly nothing.

The unexpected shoe trend also evidently look perfect with any fall outfit, as flawlessly demonstrated by Holmes who wore her Sorels with every single autumn staple: a classic camel coat, a grey cashmere sweater, and a pair of white wide-leg jeans. Since this is 2020 we're talking about, she of course finished the look off with her new favorite green Evolvetogether mask. Holmes and other celebrities have been wearing it so much the brand recently had a million-person waitlist for its signature $9 pack of seven face masks.

So even if you're like me and not even a pandemic will get you to hike (but you still want to jump on the nature bandwagon), a pair of hiking boots will suffice. This year is basically one big windy obscure trail anyway.

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