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By Laura Reilly
Oct 07, 2020 @ 10:24 am
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Katie Holmes
| Credit: Gotham/GC Images

For better or worse, the unexpected accessory of the year award goes without contest to face masks. The pandemic-abating necessity has taken on dual roles as protector and decoration, and there has been fierce competition as to which individual style meets those double-ended needs best.

One particular brand that’s gunning for top place has the advantage of overwhelming celebrity support. Evolvetogether, a direct-to-consumer mask brand with an online shopping experience that makes it feel like the Everlane of pandemic gear, has been broadly crowned Hollywood’s most popular mask brand: Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Bella Hadid, and so many other have flooded the paparazzi image banks with their likenesses featuring the brand’s iconic coverings slung ear to ear.

We’d argue, though, that none has been as loyal to the brand as Katie Holmes. Holmes first stepped out in an Evolvetogether mask just weeks ago, but has since demonstrated her unshakable commitment to the brand by publicly wearing various versions of the mask and even sending quakes through the internet by twinning with her new boyfriend Emilio Vitolo Jr. in matching Evolvetogether masks.

This week, Holmes has taken her commitment to the brand even further, by wearing one of its rarest colorways. Most celebrities who’ve worn Evolvetogether masks opt for the black or white versions, but Holmes just stepped out in its forest green Amazonia edition — a daring pop of color against her baby blue coat, blue jeans, and (now sold-out) New Balance x STAUD sneakers.

The masks recently made news following a period of backorders and waitlists on sold-out styles, revealing that it had accrued a pre-order list totaling one million masks, so it's impressive Holmes was able to get her hands on this uncommon shade — but we suppose that's just another perk of celebrity fandom.

Thankfully for the rest of us, the mask has finally been restocked in all shades, but per an Evolvetogether press contact, the seven-packs are nearly completely sold out again. Thirty-packs of the masks are still in stock for now, but we highly advise moving fast if you'd like to secure a set for yourself. There's no telling how long the next sell-out period will be.

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amazonia - 7 face masks
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Shop now: 7-pack for $9; evolvetogether.com, 30-pack for $36; evolvetogether.com