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Jennifer Lopez
| Credit: Splash News

In 2020, we're all just working out in our small apartments, doing our best impressions of Jane Fonda from her famous 1982 workout tape. Unfortunately, most of us didn't really see any of the events of this year coming and didn't buy nearly enough neon leotards or leg warmers to prepare. Jennifer Lopez, though, channeled the '80s workout vibe perfectly without any of that.

While out in the Hamptons, Lopez wore an Evolvetogether face mask, an off-the-shoulder sweater, white Alo Yoga leggings and the chunky Last Sprint sneakers she's been wearing on repeat. The look isn't that different from what she normally wears except it gives us a respite from her rock-hard abs and the top adds an undeniable '80s vibe.

A couple summers ago every top was off-the-shoulder and the popularity of the trend inevitably lead to fatigue. Somehow, off-the-shoulder tops became controversial and questionable. This wasn't really their fault though, their bad reputation most likely was a result of their association with music festival wardrobes. But Lopez is here to prove the style doesn't have to be worn with a flower crown.

Lopez's look is an ode to the '80s without any bells and whistles. It's also definitely something a peppy workout instructor would wear back then, which is more of a reason to give this questionable trend another chance.

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