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By Laura Reilly
Jul 20, 2020 @ 11:59 am
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Ariana Grande
| Credit: Splash News

If anyone's got a signature look, it's Ari and her so-big-they-could-swallow-her-whole oversized sweatshirts. So it's immediately noteworthy whenever the star opts for a different silhouette.

This weekend, Ariana Grande stepped out without a shadow of her usual baggy-outerwear-as-dress. Instead, she opted for a mask (we love to see it, Ari!), baggy Re/Done jeans, and heeled combat boots, and matched her Fendi crop top to her Fendi backpack in the surprising coordinated combo we didn't see coming.

The fashion house's recognizable Zucca pattern (interlocking Fs, for Fendi) lends a luxe feel to a casual couple of items. So, while Ari's relaxed, backpack-toting outfit and the materials she's carrying give off a back-to-school vibe, the high-end logos remind you this is still Ariana "Gee thanks, just bought it" Grande.

Plus, if you needed yet any more proof that Ari's still Ari without those baggy tops, there's always (as ever) her high pony.

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