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Reese Witherspoon
| Credit: instagram.com/reesewitherspoon/

Warner Huntington III would be the kinda guy to not wear a face mask. Elle Woods on the other hand would absolutely wear one enthusiastically, as long as it was pink and matched her outfit.

Thanks to Reese Witherspoon, we don't have to imagine what Legally Blonde would look like in 2020, she already did the work for us by photoshopping a pink face mask on Elle Woods to make an instantly viral meme. What? Like it's hard?

Reese Witherspoon, Luke Wilson
| Credit: MGM/Everett Collection

In the iconic scene from which the meme originated, Woods consults with her chihuahua Bruiser on the perfect outfit for her first class at Harvard Law. He's already wearing a tie, so she clearly pulled inspiration for her purple tie from his professional attire. Woods's button down, though, is of course pink, her skirt is sequined, her boots are thigh-high, her cardigan is over-the-top, and her purse is loud. If it was 2020, her mask would without a doubt be pink and she would take the time to rub her basic care for others in Warner's selfish, maskless face.

Earlier this week, Witherspoon posted her own message to her Instagram followers about the importance of wearing a face mask as COVID -19 cases surge in California and other states across the country: "Hey Everybody! Wearing a mask is not a political statement. It means you care about other people’s health and safety. Be KIND, wear a mask!" Elle Woods and Reese Witherspoon have spoken and they're obviously right.

Now all we need is for Witherspoon to channel her Elle Woods lawyer energy and get into some of the town hall meetings happening across the country where hundreds are expressing their (egocentric) desire to not wear a mask. She'd definitely set the record straight, while looking fabulous of course.

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