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Kerry Washington

American Son is a recent Netflix film based on the Broadway play of the same name, both starring Kerry Washington. The story revolves about an estranged couple who is reunited at a Miami police station while looking for answers about their missing son. What unfolds is 90 heart-wrenching minutes of a Black mother agonizing over what police might have done to her child.

Although Kenny Leon's play came out in 2018 and the Netflix adaptation was released at the end of last year, either of them could have just as easily come out ten years ago or yesterday and still be equally as relevant as they are right now. The race dynamics they explore are unfortunately still very much at play as the police continue to take the lives of innocent black men and women without accountability. Chances are you've probably heard about American Son for the first time in the past couple of weeks as it's been touted for its relevance to the moment we're currently living in. But the truth is, we've been living in this moment for hundreds of years, whether we were alarmingly aware or disturbingly ignorant.

Washington noticed the recent renewed interest in the film and has been taking to Instagram to discuss the important topics at its core with her nearly 6 million followers. For weeks, she's been discussing how her dream for the film was to spark conversations that would hopefully lead for change. Yesterday she hosted an Instagram Live about the film with Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw, a civil rights advocate and a scholar on critical race theory at Columbia University and UCLA. Washington announced the conversation with a throwback photo of her on Broadway holding a bouquet of flowers and wearing the biggest trend of 2019: a simple cardigan.

She writes about how the journey of the fictional Connor family is painfully pertinent right now and how she hopes to use her space on the internet to spotlight resources and answer questions any fans or first-time watchers may have. The 4o-minute Live with Crenshaw is still saved on Washington's Instagram page and discusses everything from the debilitating feelings of powerlessness that permeates Black motherhood to the narrative capital of Black female storytelling.

Washington finished the live by urging everyone to think about what more they can do. "Challenge yourself to take one action before you scroll," she says. After all, the only way to make the sexy cardigan trend from 2019 even better is to wear it while donating to an organization like AAPF, which Washington has highlighted in her bio.

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