Tracee Ellis Ross Twinned With Her Best Friend of 25 Years in Matching White Boots

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Earlier this week, Harper's Bazaar announced that its new Editor-in-Chief would be Samira Nasr. The long-anticipated news was met with much fanfare online because Nasr, who is of Trinidadian and Lebanese descent, is now the first person of color at the helm of the 153-year-old fashion publication.

Nasr is currently the executive fashion director of Vanity Fair and previously served as the fashion director of Elle. The title she has held the longest, though, also happens to be the one most people are unfamiliar with: best friend of Tracee Ellis Ross.

Ross took to Instagram after the announcement was made public with two throwback photos of the longtime friends. In the first photo, Ross and Nasr are sitting on a bed in a pair of nearly identical white boots. Ross is wearing white denim styled with a white t-shirt, whereas Nasr is decked out in all millennial pink. In the caption Ross wrote, "This is a win for everyone. My heart is bursting. I am so proud. I've never been shy about my love for this woman. I could not do this life thing without her."

Last December, Ross took to Facebook to share a video montage of the two, stating that they had met while working for a fashion magazine 25 years ago. Ross mentions that she knew they would become friends when she spotted Nasr's curls across the room, "I thought, she has similar hair...I bet we could be friends." The rest, as they say, is history, although it's unlikely Ross knew at the time just how much history her best friend would be making years later.

In a video posted on Harper's Bazaar's Instagram, Nasr introduces herself as the newest EIC while speaking of her expansive worldview, which is anchored in the belief that representation matters. She goes on to discuss the colorful lens she views life through and how excited she is to start a new chapter at the iconic publication, focused on giving all voices a platform to tell their stories. She ends the video by standing with the Black Lives Matter movement and all of the protestors, activists, and people fighting for equality. The video has now been viewed nearly half a million times and the top comment is unsurprisingly by Ross: BRAVO!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully this means we'll finally get to see Tracee Ellis Ross on one of Harper's Bazaar's covers in the near future. And if virtual photoshoots are what it comes down to, at least the actress knows a thing or two about wearing Manolos around the house. But we're sure Nasr already knows that.

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