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Jodie Turner-Smith
Jodie Turner-Smith
| Credit: Backgrid

Jodie Turner-Smith does not mince words. She said what she said.

After calling out Terry Crews for his controversial tweet, Turner-Smith took a much needed stroll with her newborn baby for some fresh air. She stepped out wearing a pair of black leggings, a yellow baseball hat, colorful sneakers and a t-shirt that read: "People's Free Food Program" with the Black Panthers logo. The t-shirt is a reference to the Black Panthers' breakfast program that started in 1969 and lasted through the early 1970s.

The program provided free school breakfast to tens of thousands of hungry children in an effort to stimulate Black people's survival. It was only one of the many social programs the party created and it set the foundation for the federal free breakfast programs we see today. Considering the group was vilified by the news media simply for its devotion to ending police brutality and the oppression of Black Americans, it should come as no surprise that the program and its impact isn't common knowledge. Allegedly, the night before the free breakfast program in Chicago was set to open, the police broke into the church and destroyed all the free meals by stepping and urinating on them.

The Black Panthers unquestionably set the foundation for the School Breakfast Program that currently feeds nearly 15 million children. Without them, none of us would have those memories of our first friendships forming over free orange slices, chocolate milk, and cereal. Turner-Smith's t-shirt serves as a reminder of who to thank while also illustrating how little has changed. Credit is still rarely given when credit is due, history continues to be whitewashed and Black Americans are still fighting systemic racism and police brutality. The only difference is that now tone-deaf tweets are also part of the mix.

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