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Tracee Ellis Ross
Credit: Jon Kopaloff/WireImage

When most people say they're getting dressed up from home, they don't really mean it. They mean they're putting on something other than sweatpants which is really barely one step above not getting dressed at all. But when Tracee Ellis Ross says she's getting dressed, she gets dressed.

Tracee Ellis Ross
Credit: instagram.com/traceeellisross

Earlier this week, Ross uploaded a photo of herself propped up in her kitchen, sitting with her feet in the sink, while sipping what appears to be a martini. Of course we've all been there, especially after what feels like years of staying at home. But Ross does it differently in a full-length leopard print gown and Louboutin heels. And although it was still fabulous when Meryl Streep drank a martini during quarantine, even she couldn't muster together a look that wasn't her bathrobe.

Ross clarified that the photo was from a while ago, but that she still finds herself in the same exact place, doing the same exact thing. And do we expect her to be doing it in an outfit that's any less extra than this one? Absolutely not. This is the woman who's been experimenting with hot pink and orange shades of eyeshadow over FaceTime and releasing songs from her couch in a full Marine Serre catsuit. And who can forget the iconic at-home photoshoot she did amongst her lemon trees, in pumps and a leotard with layers of gold jewelry? Not us. It may even still be our iPhone background.

So when you take a look at your sink today, think of it not just as a place for all the remnants of your twelve-thousandth meal from home, but also as a potential pedestal for the pair of Louboutins you've been waiting for a special enough occasion to wear. Like Ross demonstrates, there is no time like the present. Especially when the present involves getting really dressed up, just for yourself.

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