Emily Ratajkowski Wore the Ridiculous Pants Worth Trying ASAP

I’m on cloud nine for these.

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Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski. Photo:

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It’s funny: My boyfriend and I have very different ways of interpreting the weather. He’s from Italy, I’m from Germany (but grew up in Minnesota), so the temperature I find warm, he finds chilly. What he thinks is warm, I consider hot. I’m used to a very different climate than where I now live in New York City, so I’m used to the cold and easily get hot. When it hit nearly 80 degrees here yesterday, I texted him saying, “I’m melting 😂.” 

I was walking around in a short-sleeve shirt and long, tight leggings and realized the latter was not the way to go in this heat. I basically forgot how to get dressed for these temperatures (a common thing after months of “bundling up”), but the second I saw Emily Ratajkowski’s Kim Possible-inspired NYC outfit, I knew what I had to do to survive the next heat wave: invest in parachute pants

EmRata was photographed looking cool, calm, and collected during a recent outing around the Big Apple. The model opted for a sleeveless, Tiffany-blue, button-down, collared shirt, which she paired with parachute pants — genius for impending warmer months. The big, billowy, ultra-baggy silhouette isn’t only extremely comfortable to wear all day long, but it also allows for ample airflow, in turn keeping you cool on even the hottest of days. After all, there’s nothing worse than wearing skin-tight pants when humidity sores, and these bottoms are basically like a wearable A/C that keeps you looking (and feeling) cool. 

Aside from the pants’ breeziness, many parachute pants are also crafted from an ultra lightweight cotton material that’s breathable and feels so soft against the skin. And because I’m a sucker for something that’s comfortable and practical, you can bet I’m buying several pairs before the warm weather becomes a regular thing. 

This EmRata sighting isn’t the first time we’ve seen these ridiculous pants pop up in the celebrity world. Last year, Hailey Bieber made a case for wearing the oversized bottoms with teeny-tiny crop tops (the juxtaposition!), while Bella Hadid went full '90s throwback in an ultra-billowy, black iteration and matching tube top that made me want to dig out one of mine from two decades ago. 

Clearly, these big pants have range and can be styled in so many ways — another reason they’re so appealing. Curious to see what they’re all about? Same. So I found some of the coolest parachute pants on the internet below.

Get the Look:

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River Island Baggy Cotton Parachute Pants
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Free People One Step Ahead Parachute Pants
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Iets Frans Parachute Pants
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Topshop Oversize Parachute Cotton Cargo Pants
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Fengbay Parachute Pants
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Free People Lotus Parachute Pants
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Qyangg Baggy Parachute Pants
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Free People to the Sky Parachute Pants
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