Long-Sleeved Swimsuits Are 2023's Top Swim Trend

How to style this year's most versatile suit.

Models wear a variety of long sleeve swimsuits

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Swimwear is a lot like underwear — everyone feels differently about how much of their butt they want hanging out. Happily, one of this year's hottest swimwear trends is one most all of us can agree on, especially those of us who like a little extra protection from the sun. We're talking, of course, about long-sleeved swimsuits. 2023 has delivered more long-sleeved suits in more styles than we've ever seen before and we've got you covered, so to speak, on how to style them.

Gabi Fresh wears a long sleeve swimsuit from the Gabi Fresh x Eloquii swimsuit line.


Unlike, say, string bikinis or cutout one-pieces, long-sleeved swimsuits don't have to let it all hang out. Thanks to sheer fabric sleeves and eveningwear-inspired silhouettes, there are plenty of full-coverage long-sleeved swimsuits that don't trade fashion for a bit of beachy modesty. Ahead, you'll find nine ways to style a long-sleeved swimsuit for 2023 that are fresh, fun, and way ahead of the fashion curve.

As a Sheer Accessory

A model wears a long sleeve swimsuit as a sheer accessory

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If you think long-sleeved swimsuits aren't for you, you can try out the trend by mimicking the silhouette in a sheer fabric. Your fave bikini top will still be the star of the show thanks to ultra-fine swim mesh textiles and you'll definitely stand out from the crowd.
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With Swim Gloves

A model wears a long sleeve swimsuit with swim gloves

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Kim Kardashian's SKIMS swim gloves launched a swimwear craze, but remain perpetually sold out. Still, a vibe is a vibe, and we haven't stopped lusting over this objectively impractical, but utterly high-fashion take on a swim shrug.
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Opt for Off-the-Shoulder

A model wears a long sleeve swimsuit with off-the-shoulder detailing

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For a look with a touch of romance and less of an athletic edge, we recommend an off-the-shoulder long-sleeve bikini top. Solid colors will make it easier to mix and match different suits, but we'd never say no to a retro or floral print.
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Pair With Swim Shorts

A model wears a long sleeve swimsuit with swim shorts

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For a look that's sporty and practical, but still has a touch of the flirtatious, we highly recommend you give a printed long-sleeve bikini top and matching swim shorts a test drive. They're great for active water sports and offer more coverage than many of the other trending styles on our list.
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Go Western With It

A model wears a long sleeve swimsuit with Western detailing

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Westernwear is here to stay and, this year, those details have made their way into swimwear. Details like contrast stitching, crochet fabrics, and thoughtful embroidery define the trend, so add as many or as few as you wish.
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Get Creative With Cutouts

A model wears a long sleeve swimsuit with cutouts

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Creative cutouts are a great way to show some skin while still enjoying the coverage offered by a long-sleeved swimsuit. As a bonus, the above style also has a one-shoulder detail we love.
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Make It a Matching Set

A model wears a long sleeve swimsuit as a matching set

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If you've already got a go-to swimsuit, we have good news: We aren't trying to pry your fave suit away from you. A matching set worn over the bikini of your choice is another long-sleeve styling option that brings in another trend having a major moment: sheer 'fits.
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Try Asymmetry

A model wears an asymmetrical long sleeve swimsuit with

Ease into the long-sleeve swimsuit trend by wearing a suit that's only 50% long-sleeved. Asymmetry is always eye-catching and there are plenty of asymmetrically designed long-sleeve swimsuits, from bikinis to one-pieces.
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Take a Plunge

A model wears a long sleeve swimsuit with a plunging neckline
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If long sleeves make you feel off-balance in the coverage department (that is, you want to show more skin), try finding a one-piece bathing suit with a boldly plunging neckline. This sultry style isn't body-surfing approved, but it is absolutely a statement-maker.
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