The Summer I Turned Pretty's Lola Tung Is Ready to Try Coach's Fall 2023 Bag Trick

"This show's making me feel a little more adventurous with my style, so why not?" she tells us at the NYFW event.

Lola Tung -Coach Fall 2023 Fashion Show


How would The Summer I Turned Pretty star Lola Tung describe her everyday style?

"I think jeans, T-shirts, and sneakers — stuff like that," she tells InStyle at Coach's Fall 2023 show during New York Fashion Week. However, despite her affinity for casual looks, the actress doesn't feel out of place in the academia-like outfit she arrived wearing, noting that the school-core dress, socks, and loafers combo were still very much her aesthetic.

Lola Tung - Coach Fall 2023 Fashion Show
Lola Tung with Wisdom Kaye and Koki in the front row at Coach Fall 2023.

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"I think what's cool about getting to dress up for stuff like this is that it's my style, but elevated. It's the stuff you always dreamed of — like the Pinterest boards, you know? So, it's really cool to get to elevate my style a little bit."

Tung says that after seeing all the designs on the runway, she even felt inspired to take her closet to the next level.

"The double bags were really cool," she tells us, pointing out how many models carried two small pursed, or a big tote with a tiny shoulder option. She'd be down to give the trick a try in the near future. "This show's making me feel a little more adventurous with my style, so why not? It's cool to try different things."

Coach Fall 2023 Fashion Show

Coach/Isidore Montag

Tung also says she loved the many matching sets that were included in the Fall 2023 collection, which could be spotted in various shades of brown and black leather, denim, and even metallic colors.

“The jackets were beautiful. And there was one two-piece with a long skirt and a jacket — there are a couple of different renditions of it which I thought were stunning”

Coach Fall 2023 Fashion Show

Coach/Isidore Montag

Tung isn't just getting outfit inspiration from the runway, though. When asked if she's ever been inspired by a movie or TV character, she immediately brings up the 1987 film Moonstruck.

“I recently re-watched Moonstruck and Cher wears that beautiful red dress with a dark lip, and that ['80s] sort of beauty is just so cool," she tells us. "I was like, 'This is a great moment.'"

For now, though, Tung says she's looking forward to incorporating more "sock and loafers" into her spring looks — and, of course, is gearing up for the release of The Summer I Turned Pretty season two.

"We wrapped filming and it was a great time. I'm really excited for everyone to see the second season. Stay tuned!"

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