Lizzo Skipped Out on Coachella For Poolchella in a Hot Pink Bikini

And we'd rather be where she is.

Lizzo performs at Radio City Music Hall

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If you've been off social media and avoiding the internet at all costs, you'd be forgiven to not realize that last weekend was Coachella 2023 (the first of two weekends, actually). And while she once headlined the big show, Lizzo's latest Instagram post let her followers know that she's 100% not in Indio and relaxing, instead. Lizzo's Reel shows her makeup-free and in an eye-searing hot pink bikini. Of course, being that she's Lizzo, there was an impromptu jam session, but for the most part, she was just chilling and doing anything but headlining a music festival.

"Poolchella is going good," she captioned the clip, which also had her singing Labrinth's "Still Don't Know My Name," which appears on the Euphoria soundtrack.

Just the day before, Lizzo gave some advice as she emerged from the shower, totally bare-faced and wearing a comfy robe.

"I just finished showering and doing my little routine, and you know what I realized, I am fucking gorgeous. I am the beauty standard. Catch up, bitch!" she said in the clip. And, of course, she took the chance to clap back at haters (why are they even there, to be honest?), writing, "I'm sorry that my perfect face & rockin body offends you. I can't help that I'm God's favorite 🥺."


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As the "beauty standard," it comes as no surprise that Lizzo will be featured in a new museum exhibit in London. Smithsonian reports that the Victoria & Albert Museum in London will showcase the superstar as part of its “DIVA” exhibition, which aims to "celebrate the stories of some of the biggest personalities in the performing arts over the past 200 years." One of Lizzo's outfits will be on display alongside pieces from Dolly Parton, Barbra Streisand, and Rihanna.

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