Lizzo Went Full Goth Glam With a Lace-Up Dress and Mullet Haircut

I'm crying 'cuz I love her.

Lizzo November 2022 Vanity Fair Cover

Campbell Addy/Vanity Fair

Lizzo is entering her goth era — well, at least for her latest magazine cover. The pop star is Vanity Fair's November cover star, and she went full punk glam with a choppy mullet cut, lace-up dress, and black lipstick.

In the cover image, the singer models the new 'do, along with a voluminous red tulle coat by Act No1, which she paired with matching monster platform boots, fishnet stockings, and sheer gloves in similar crimson hues. She accessorized with a silver-and-back beaded choker and a smattering of coordinating rings. Her hair was styled into spikes on top and was worn long and pin-straight in the back. Her gothic glam (a black smoky eye and dark lipstick) matched the moody aesthetic flawlessly.

Lizzo November 2022 Vanity Fair Cover

Campbell Addy/Vanity Fair

In another picture, Lizzo wore a black gown with leg slits and a plunging neckline fastened together with silk ribbon. Her mullet was styled in beachy curls, and she accessorized with silver grungy jewelry and latex gloves. Other looks included a metallic silver coat, an octopus-inspired dress, a sheer beaded cape and leotard, and a spiky headpiece.

In the article, Lizzo got candid about her experience as a Black woman in the U.S. “The way Black women have been treated in this country has made me feel very hopeless," she told the publication. "I don’t think there was a time when [we] were treated fairly and with respect. If I see hope in this country, it will come from the accountability of the people who have the privilege. As a fat Black woman, this country has never gone forward; it’s stayed pretty much the same for me.”

She added that the Supreme Court's recent ruling to overturn Roe V. Wade is a form of white male supremacy. “The Supreme Court has politicized law and made it a weapon against human rights,” Lizzo said. "An overwhelming amount of people did not agree with what the Supreme Court did. It’s about power and control. It’s always been about white male supremacy in this country and the people who are complicit in helping uphold it — who are a lot of white women.” 

Lizzo also made a statement for women's reproductive rights over the weekend during one of her shows by projecting "my body my choice" onto her midsection. "My body my mother-fucking choice," she hollered into her microphone before the crowd erupted into cheers. She shared a video of the moment to her Instagram with a simple period as her caption.

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