Lizzo Just Gifted Her 2022 Emmy Awards Tulle Gown to a Fan

From one queen to another.

While we certainly have no shortage of reasons to protect Lizzo at all costs (Self-love bops! Incredible fashion sense! The cutest friendship with Harry Styles!), she continues to make moves that solidify her spot as one of the most relatable, down-to-Earth artists in the game. Our latest cause to stan? The singer just gifted one of her iconic red carpet gowns to a fan, just because she’d asked.

Lizzo 2022 emmy awards

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After Aurielle Marie, a self-proclaimed Lizzo fan (and Georgia Author of the Year), posted a TikTok on Oct. 27 explaining that she was in search of a gown that was “big bitch and red carpet-ready” to wear to the Out 100 Gala, she begged Lizzo to let her borrow her 2022 Emmy Awards gown from earlier this year.

“I know you know how it feels to be the biggest bitch in a room, and all of the scrutiny and hyper-visibility that comes along with that because I’ve watched you talk about it,” she said in the video, later adding, “I know you a girl for the girls, and I’m a girl and a girl, and I just need to know. I gotta ask. Can I please, please, please wear your dress from the 2022 Emmys?”

While a few weeks passed without much news, it seems the original video eventually made its way to Lizzo. On Tuesday, the author shared another TikTok to her account detailing a very exciting update: The singer had a near-identical version of the magenta tulle awards ceremony dress delivered to her home.

“Shut the fuck up!” she explained upon trying it on before breaking down in tears. Aurielle also expressed her gratitude for the generous gift in the video’s caption, writing, “I might’ve gotten a few tears on your dress Lizzo, my bad babe. Words don’t suffice and thank you isn’t enough. But THANK YOU! I’m speechless. Ya’ll! A bitch is certified LIZZO-SIZED! And look at this gown! Out Magazine, here I come!”

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