I’m a 38DD and Only One Brand Makes Wireless Bras That Hold Me in Place While Walking Down Stairs

Lively’s bras are supportive and affordable.

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When society began to go back to normal after months of quarantine, many people lamented the return of bra-wearing. I was not part of this complaint fest, as being a 38DD, going without a bra is an uncomfortable, back pain-inducing, and sweaty hell. However, being in a regular bra for 16+ hours is not fun either. So I found an in between option: wireless bras. 

For the last few years, I’ve tried every wireless bra I’ve come into contact with, which amounts to dozens at this point. There is only one brand that I come back to for repeated wear: Lively. It’s even passed my personally devised stairs test.

First, I’ll explain my trial methods. I live at the top of a six-floor walk-up building, so now, for one of these bras to pass my test, I have to be able to make it down to the lobby to check my mail and back upstairs without having to adjust. I have been bamboozled by wireless bras before; I’ll hang around at home, thinking they are supportive enough, only to wear them out and have my boobs literally falling out of the cups while walking and moving about — much to my horror. Lively’s the Spacer Bra and All-Day Deep-V No-Wire Bra both passed this test with flying colors. 

The Spacer Bra

The Spacer Bra


Shop now: $45; wearlively.com

I have raved about this bra before, but it bears repeating. I didn’t know a wireless bra could be so comfortable, supportive, and shapely enough to wear out of the house. It holds my boobs in place and keeps them separate from each other — one of my biggest priorities since I am prone to sweat and breakouts if they’re touching. 

It comes in sizes 32A to 38DD and five colors, including classic options like black and almond. This is a great bra to wear around the house or under sweaters and loose T-shirts. 

All-Day Deep-V No-Wire Bra

The All-Day Plunge No-Wire Bra


Shop now: $45; wearlively.com

The All-Day Bra surprised me. I was expecting the deep-V style to be too free for my heaving bosom — I thought my boobs would fall out as soon as I even so much as breathed. But, like I said, it passed my stairs test. It comes in three colors and feels a little sexier than the Spacer Bra, giving me a little bit of cleavage, so it’s a great option for low-cut tees or semi-sheer tops. The straps can also be worn straight down or in a racerback style — the latter is great for when I need to tighten things up to ensure everything stays in place.

As a 39DD, I can’t believe I’ve found one, let alone two, wireless bras that I actually like wearing. Right now is a good time to snag my two favorite bras thanks to a bundle deal where you can get two products for $50 — essentially a two-for-one offer, given the bras’ $45 price tag. Head to Lively to shop the Spacer and All-Day wireless bras, or the brand’s other similarly comfortable styles

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