This Caffeine-Infused Eye Cream Illuminates, Depuffs, and Moisturizes My Under-Eyes

The all-in-one cream has earned a permanent spot in my routine.

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LiveTinted Eye Cream Review

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As someone who has recently entered their mid-twenties, I’ve started focusing on doing my future self a favor by prioritizing my skincare with habits like moisturizing every day and drinking water before coffee. While I’ve nailed wearing sunscreen daily, I wanted to venture into anti-aging products, too, which led me down the path of looking for an eye cream — something with a lightweight formula that would blend easily and layer well under moisturizer, while also brightening and hydrating my under-eyes. That’s where Live Tinted’s Superhue Brightening Eye Cream comes in.

Live Tinted is a clean, South Asian-founded beauty brand known for inclusive conversation, community, and product innovation. It’s come a long way since founder Deepica Mutyala went viral for using red lipstick as a color corrector — since then, Live Tinted has launched a range of clean makeup and skin care products from the Huestick Color Correctors to Superhue Hyperpigmentation Serum Stick. Now, the brand has ventured into the eye cream game with its latest release, the Superhue Brightening Eye Cream, which is formulated to brighten, depuff, and moisturize with powerhouse ingredients like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, caffeine, and vitamin C.

SUPERHUE Brightening Eye Cream


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Dr. Hadley King, a board-certified cosmetic and medical dermatologist in New York City, previously told InStyle that niacinamide can “help reduce some signs of skin aging,” as well as “the appearance of age spots and other forms of skin discoloration.” Other active ingredients in the cream like vitamin C target elasticity and dark spots, while caffeine brightens up the skin and turmeric reduces inflammation. Add hyaluronic acid in the mix and you've got a hydrating eye cream that truly does it all.

The eye cream is slightly pearlescent and dries down with a subtle sheen that makes my under-eyes noticeably brighter from first use. It has a cooling tip applicator — in the signature Live Tinted rose gold color, no less — which helps to depuff and stimulate blood flow. I prefer this application method because it keeps the product clean since I don’t have to dip my finger into a pot to use it. I usually store it in my skincare fridge to keep it extra cool when I apply it at night before moisturizing, and I’ve noticed that my eyes seem brighter after a few weeks of continued use.

As I build out my skin care routine, this eye cream will continue to be a staple, and I’m glad that it’s from an AAPI-owned business that I know and love. Plus, I’m not alone — early reviewers have cited that they love the noticeable brightening effect of the Live Tinted Superhue Brightening Eye Cream after just one use, especially with the cooling metal applicator. Looks like we’re all banishing under-eye circles, one eye cream at a time.

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