Lip Blushing Is the Prettiest Permanent Makeup You Can Get

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Lip Blushing

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"I woke up like this" is a beauty aspiration we dream about.

Not having to think about doing our makeup in the morning would save us all so much time, but we gladly spend it layering on skincare and cosmetics anyway. With that said, we could all use a little more time in bed before starting the day.

And that's why permanent makeup exists — if you're down to take the plunge.

Permanent makeup is basically temporary tattoos that last a few years, and people often get them on their brows (aka microblading), on their lids (they're typically hyper-thin lines made to resemble eyeliner to make eyes pop), and on the lips (also known as lip blushing). Right now, it's the latter we want to talk about.

Lip blushing involves tattooing dye into the lips to give them a permanent hue. (Or, at least, until the tattoo fades.) People also get this treatment done to define the lips and create a subtle volume boost, too.

To better understand what lip blushing is, how it's done, how long it last how much it costs, and everything in between, we tapped two experts and asked them to share their knowledge. Below, find their responses.

What is lip blushing?

"Lip blushing is a semi-permanent cosmetic enhancement that is often referred to as cosmetic tattooing, which deposits a pigment/shade of your choice into your lips using small needles," explains Briana Olson, a celebrity lip blusher, microblader, and founder of Trio Beauty. It can be used to create anything from a subtle tint to a full-coverage color.

Pricing is dependent on geographical location and the expert you work with. While Olson says it costs roughly $300 to get lip blushing, Carla Ricciardone, founder of Sculpted Studios, puts it between $600 to $1700 depending on the artists' skill level and the treatment plan needed to achieve your goal. Furthermore, she says follow-up sessions are needed 10 to 14 weeks after the first visit.

Once your treatment is done, lip blushing results will last anywhere between two to five years depending on how well you care for it and how quickly your body metabolizes the ink. "You must treat it as any other tattoo and apply hydration with a lot of moisturizer to help ensure the skin doesn’t dry and let the color settle," suggests Olson.

What are the benefits of lip blushing?

For starters, you'll be able to skip lipstick. Apart from that, Olson says it also increases pigmentation for those with aging lips, making them look plumper and younger without the need for any injectables or plastic surgery. "Lip blushing also helps create lip symmetry, corrects uneven pigmentation, and nourishes lips," she adds.

What are the potential side effects of lip blushing?

"A tattoo is a tattoo. Whether it is a body, cosmetic or medical tattoo, when it comes to putting pigment in the skin or in a membrane such as the lips, there is always risk," says Ricciardone. Olson adds that as with traditional tattoos, there may be symptoms such as swelling, redness, and pain. 

"Your cosmetic expert should apply a numbing product to your lips prior to the service to help minimize the pain you may experience," she adds. Ricciardone says that at Sculpted Studios, most patients rate the pain a two or three out 10. "Honestly, it is more annoying having someone hold your mouth than it is painful," she says.

The bottom line is, it's pretty safe treatment. But with that said, Olson says risks are mostly associated with poor technique and safety practices than an overall health risk from the treatment itself.

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