Linne Halpern

Linne Halpern
Title: Writer
Education: Wesleyan University
Location: Denver, Colorado

Linne Halpern is a freelance writer on the InStyle evergreen commerce team, covering fashion, beauty, & lifestyle. She's an expert on all things denim and a master of the curly hair routine. Though her personal style tends to lean eclectic, she loves nothing more than helping others find their own wardrobe heroes.


After graduating from Wesleyan University, Linne started her career in New York City on the editorial team at DORÉ, honing her expertise in all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. As Associate Editor, she oversaw all editorial verticals, produced branded content campaigns, and managed a team of freelancers.

Currently, Linne is a Denver-based freelance journalist and copywriter. She is a writer on InStyle's evergreen commerce team, bringing you her opinions on all her favorite fashion brands and must-have beauty products (for visual reference: her style revolves around high-quality denim, oversized cashmere, and clogs).


Linne has a bachelor's degree from Wesleyan University, where she studied American Studies & English Literature.

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