Lily Collins Paired Her Coordinating Set With the Most Unexpected Coat

And monster platforms.

Lily Collins has a certain je ne sais quoi about her sense of fashion that resonates both on- and off-screen. While her own personal style may be a little more subdued than Emily Cooper's signature eclectic and vibrant uniform, the actress still makes headlines with her OOTDs (like yesterday's chic Fendi suit).

On Monday afternoon, Collins slipped into another coordinating set for an appearance on The View, but this time, she traded in the neutral colors for an eye-catching shade of sky blue. Collins wore the wide-leg trousers under a matching, strapless tunic with a ruffled and asymmetric hem and pleated midsection. She paired the ethereal set with a camel trench with black buttons that matched her handbag. Like earlier in the day, she opted for sky-high platform heels that peeked out from under the long pants. Her dark hair was styled in gentle waves — complete with face-framing fringe — and she chose a bright pink lipstick for glam.

Lily Collins Blue Set Beige Coat New York City December 2022

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The actress has been on a fashionable tour de force all over Paris and New York City to promote the upcoming season of her hit Netflix show, Emily in Paris. During her appearance on today's episode of The View, Collins opened up about what it meant to have a show become so popular at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine.

"When we filmed it, we had no idea it would come out in a time when the world needed to laugh and smile and escape and travel. And I think we were able to provide a sense of joy in a time when we needed it the most."

"As a woman in the work place, I was really excited that I got to play a character who's unapologetically herself, unapologetically work driven," she added about playing her ostentatious character. "[She's] in love with herself, in love with love, in love with her job in a way that just felt genuine and true."

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