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Apr 13, 2016 @ 5:00 pm
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I don't think I live a particularly disgusting life. 

Mr. Louise would even say that I'm a neat freak. I don't think I am, I think I'm just terrified of cockroach infestation. I see every errant morsel of edible matter as bait for the cockroach hoard that I'm positive is waiting to invade my home. Because they hate me. 

But everyone has some level of filth they are willing to live with, they are comfortable with. I truly believe that everyone has a certain part of their home that they are OK with letting get grubby, grimy, moldy, what have you. Don't lie to me. You're thinking of that spot in your kitchen/bathroom/living room/panic room right now. 

I am no exception. Never let it be said that I am better than you xoJane readers. I am of your ilk. I am gross like you (whether you admit it or not).

My thing is my fridge. For some reason it's the "out of sight, out of mind" place in my house. Every single time I have someone come stay with me (like I do right now...Hi Friend!), I have to overhaul my fridge so my friend will not know how I "really live". 

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There's nothing REALLY toxic in there, but it is where things go to die. Spill water on my living room floor, and I'm all over it so no MOLD grows (the fear is real in Hong Kong). 

Spill soy sauce in my fridge? Eh, I can close the door. 

I once found a flip flop in the back of my fridge. I shit you not. 

Upon emptying out my fridge before my friend's arrival, I cleaned out coffee grounds, crackers, what I think was old rice, a whole head of what was once broccoli, thick brownish stuff, an exploded beer in the freezer. There's more, but I'm embarrassed. Scrubbing the fridge took over an hour. 

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Never have I ever felt more like a garbage person. But there you go. That is the nasty part of how I live.

Now tell me yours! What is the weirdo, freaky, "gross" thing you hide from your houseguests? What is your shame? What part of your house are you OK with rotting?

Tell us! Let's be gross together!