Shoppers Say 'You Will Not Miss Sex' With This Vibrator — and It's on Sale for an Eye-Popping Price

You won’t feel lonely social distancing with this thing.

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Shoppers Say ‘You Will Not Miss Sex’ With This Vibrator — and It’s on Sale
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If this year has been a sexual drought for you, you're not alone. It's hard enough to start something new, let alone find a fling in the middle of a pandemic (even the Kardashians are embracing being solo).

Instead of being hard on yourself, just think about how this dry spell means that you simply avoided any potential spread of the coronavirus. Now that's cause for a reward. How about a vibrator that reviewers say is actually *better* than sex? Yep, that's right. You won't be feeling lonely using this gadget.

Womanizer's clit stimulator is packed to the brim with pleasurable settings — 12, to be exact. The different intensity levels, according to shoppers, make for eye-popping climaxes that might not otherwise be achieved via traditional means.

"This will seriously change your life," wrote one shopper. "I swear you will not miss sex if you have this. It works wonders."

The vibrator is shaped to comfortably fit around your clitoris to provide powerful pulsing stimulation. Perhaps the best part: It comes with autopilot mode that takes the reins for you. With this, as time goes on, the more intense the pulsing becomes. It's basically the closest thing you'll get to an automated orgasm.

"Seriously mind blowing," one satisfied user wrote. "I thought I'd had an orgasm before ... but I've now realized those experiences were nothing compared to the multiple orgasms I had the first time using this today. I can finally live my best, sexually satisfied life."

What's more, the stimulator comes with a bunch of design details that keep using it discreet. A "smart silence" feature makes it so that the stimulator doesn't turn on until it's touching your skin. This way, it stops buzzing once removed. It even comes with a silent motor for added subtlety.

If 2020 was the year of your sexual rut, let 2021 be the year of your sexual awakening. Shop this top-rated stimulator below.

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Shop now: $163 (Originally $199);

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